SBS Article: From Robe to Chinese Fortunes Exhibition Showcases Early Chinese Migrants’ Spirit

Cash Brown: 從羅布走向繁榮展覽 — 早期華人移民奮鬥史

The Exhibition From Robe to Chinese Fortunes is developed by the museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE) and presented in partnership with the CCCA (Vic). The curator of MADE, Cash Brown, takes us on a tour to this wonderful exhibition with Aaron. 

墨爾本移民博物館 (Immigration Museum) 於一週前舉行了《從羅布走向繁榮:早期華人移民奮鬥史》(From Robe to Chinese Fortunes) 展覽開幕,這個展覽,是為了紀念早期華人移民到澳洲的重要貢獻與歷史;展覽也認可華人對維州和澳洲發展繁所作出的貢獻。 溫楚良特別為此訪問了澳洲尤里卡民主博物館 (Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, MADE) 的館長 Cash Brown 女士,和大家深入介紹這個別樹一幟的展覽。 

Article by Aaron Wan, published on the sbs website Tuesday, August 29, 2017 – 16:32

Cash Brown: MADE Curator

Cash Brown
MADE Curator