Two students using a touchscreen


Students on the Eureka Stockade tour explore the events surrounding this pivotal moment in Australia’s colonial history. At the site of the stockade, they view a mixture of original and digital artefacts, including the iconic Eureka Flag.

Students experience a blend of guided, sensory and self-directed learning, experiencing MADE’s interactive touch tables and assisted through a student booklet.

Length: 1.5 hr
$8 per student
Level: Grade 3 – 6
Max participants:

Sign stating 'Decisions are made by those who show up'.


Designed to activate student interest in the issues and actions that they think are important, this tour encourages young learners to examine the techniques that people used throughout history to create change in a democratic society.

MADE’s specially designed interactive program will have students thinking on their feet as they investigate the past and compare the early development of democracy in Australia against modern, contemporary examples.

Length: 1.5 hr
Cost: $8 per student
Grade 9 – 10
Max participants: 50 – 60

Boy jumping in air

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker allows junior students to access historical concepts by considering the clothes people wore and the messages certain outfits could send.

This tour includes exploration of MADE’s interactive exhibition and a ‘Put-Yourself-In-The-Picture’ workshop session looking at historical outfits.

Length: 1 hr
Cost: $5 per student
Level: Grade K – 3
Max participants:
40 – 50

For further information or to discuss specific school tour needs, call 1800 287 113 or email

Student standing next to a Projection of Martin Luther King's speech 'I have a dream'.

The Power To Inspire

Inspired by the famous orators of history, students participating in The Power to Inspire will gain significant knowledge about the techniques that make great speeches work effectively.

Reading from a professional auto-cue in front of their peers, MADE’s innovative Democracy Karaoke equipment allows students to take their public speaking to a whole new level, ready to lead and inspire others.

Length: 1.5 hr workshop
Cost: $8 per student
Level: Year 4 – 12
Max participants: 30

For further information or to discuss specific school tour needs, call 1800 287 113 or email

Students walking into MADE Foyer

So You Think You Can Vote

Designed for maximum participation, So You Think You Can Vote looks at the key features of Australia’s Government system and how we participate in a democracy.

Students will look at Australia’s democratic history including Federation and how we can have our voice heard today through learning how to vote.

Length: 1.5 hr
Cost: $8 per student
Level: Grade 5 – 8
Max participants:
50 – 60

For further information or to discuss specific school tour needs, call 1800 287 113 or email

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Most tours are $8* per student with free entry for supervising adults (1:10 ratio preferred).

Invoices can be issued post-visit to MADE.

*The Butcher, the Baker, the Candlestick Maker is a junior program at $5.


The venue is fully accessible and has a hearing induction loop in the theatre.


School groups are advised to leave large backpacks and bags on the bus before entering MADE.


Certain items in the museum, including the Eureka Flag are light sensitive and for preservation purposes we ask that student groups do not take flash photography. Teachers wanting to capture images of their students visiting the museum can do so in consultation with the Education team.


Students are welcome to eat their own packed lunch in the Eureka Stockade Park outside the museum.


The gift shop offers a range of books, badges, puzzles, postcards, magnets and games that students might like to take home as a souvenir. Please indicate on your booking form whether you would like time for visiting the gift shop to be factored into your tour.

Teachers please note that school resources can be purchased from the shop via payment on the day, added to the overall invoice or placed on account with a school purchase order number.


Arrival at MADE is via the Stawell Street South car park. After drop-off, buses can then relocate to Rodier Street coach parking.


There are two available education rooms and a 114-seat theatre at MADE.


To receive updates on student programs, curriculum resources and teacher professional development, email with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

For further information, please call MADE’s Education team on 1800 287 113 or email