Characters of the Goldfields
A craft activity exploring the characters and costumes of the Victorian goldfields.
Eureka Stockade ABC Splash Digibook
Consider the significance of the 1854 Eureka Stockade in the development of Australian democracy.
M.A.D.E From Gold
M.A.D.E from Gold is a collection of learning and teaching resources comparing historical and modern-day mining techniques.
The Night They Stormed Eureka
Award winning author Jackie French discusses her novel in this ready-to-use learning and teaching resource.
Civics and Citizenship Web Resources
A document to link you to the many different Civics and Citizenship resources already available online.
Stars of the Southern Cross
A fun paper-fold activity which can be used in class to develop students' History, English, Civics and Citizenship and Design, Creativity and Technology skills.
Belonging to a School Community
This series of worksheets challenges students to think about the ways in which they participate in civic life, using their school as an example.
Giving IT
The Giving It resource looks at which groups have less access to rights and public services than others and what communities can do to help.