Learning at M.A.D.E

M.A.D.E explores culture, history, civics and citizenship. Using technology to engage students on many levels, M.A.D.E offers a wide selection of
age-appropriate programs to suit your educational needs.

School Children In M.A.D.E exhibition touching a touchscreen

M.A.D.E offers specialised school tours for each year level from Foundation to Year 12. The tours, developed by M.A.D.E’s qualified teaching staff, align with the Australian curriculum. Each tour offers a guided viewing of the iconic Eureka Flag, experience with M.A.D.E’s digital touchscreens plus a number of other hands-on, engaging activities. Education officers are on hand throughout school tours to answer questions and assist students with the exhibition’s thought provoking content. Special effort is made to incorporate elements of literacy and student inquiry into the tours as well.

Bookings for school tours can be made using our convenient online form. Alternately, a call to 1800 287 113 will put you in contact with one of M.A.D.E’s Education Officers, who can discuss the specifics of your visit. On occasion M.A.D.E is able to customise the length of tours to better fit with school travel timetables. M.A.D.E’s Education Officers can also suggest a range of additional activities in and around town that will help to complete your group’s visit to Ballarat.

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To compliment its onsite programs, M.A.D.E has developed a number of education resources. Created for convenient classroom use, the resources link with areas of the Australian Curriculum for History, Civics and Citizenship and English.

Throughout 2015, M.A.D.E looks forward to the release of some of its more comprehensive resource packages. Email edu@made.org with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line to join our mailing list and receive updates regarding these materials.

Picture of the Eureka Stockade

Consider the significance of the 1854 Eureka Stockade in the development of Australian democracy.

Investigate the social, political and economic impact of the gold rush on the colony of Victoria and examine the way migrants have shaped, and continue to shape, Australia’s traditions and identity.

Giving can be an important action for those wanting to create a more equal society, so we have created the Giving It resource to look at which groups have less access to rights and public services than others and what communities can do to help.

Giving It was created in partnership with the Ruffin Falkiner Foundation (part of Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation); and the Asia Pacific Centre for Social Investment at the Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne University of Technology. It was created in collaboration with Education Services Australia with advice from Philanthropy Australia.